New Year, New Adventures

I never wrote my final blog about Ushuaia. I never made an “I’m home!” post, or even explained to everyone that tried to text me that my cell phone number is no longer mine. The truth is that I didn’t really want to declare my trip finished, because that’s just sad. Well, the new year is here, and I’m ready to give you an update on the end of the Chile trip and the status of the next one. I am very, very happy to say that after two months of hiding in Eugene doing odd jobs and applying to regular ones, I will be continuing my travels starting 20 days from now in Southeast Asia! Even more exciting is who will be accompanying me for this journey.  My partner-in-crime Sophie Howard is in the process of acquiring a set of wheels while finishing up at her Princeton in Asia teaching post in Thailand. But more on that in a bit, because here’s some pictures from the end of the world.

Pic 2
End of the road at Tierra del Fuego National Park. 17,840km from Alaska.

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