Functional Data and the Las Flores Breakfast Club

I’ve spent the last two years in a Biostatistics MS program at UCLA. I’m preparing to move on in life now, taking my last quarter of classes virtually, holed up in a loft in Berkeley. I am currently splitting my quarantine between genetic research and building bikes.

For a final project for one of my classes recently, I did an analysis of my cycling data from the last two years of training in the Santa Monica area. I’ve been very consistent in my training since moving to LA. A very regimented schedule of rides, both on my own and in groups.

My best memories from this time in my life will unquestionably come from my wonderful Tuesday and Thursday mornings with Las Flores Breakfast Club. This is a remarkably consistent group ride that I have participated in over 60 times since December 2018. For class, I downloaded and analyzed my Strava data from these rides and wrote the following statistical analysis of my performance.

Endless sunrises.
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